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Ever think you're a bit shit?

Join three Clinical Psychologists as they explore the sh*t thinking our brains bring us.

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"I'm shit at managing a child"

How many of us have lost our tempers with our children, or tried to calmly problem-solve their concerns, only to make things worse! In this episode, we talk about little people's brains – what they need from us – and some handy hints for managing their distress and how to get them to help with chores!


An introduction


Have you ever had the thought that you were really shit at something? Or maybe shit at everything? Us too! In fact, we’ve had these thoughts so often we decided to make a podcast about them. Tune in to hear three clinical psychologists explain why our minds are so adept at telling us we’re shit. We’ll include some tips for coping with shit thoughts too.


I’m a bit shit (and no one likes me)

In this episode, we discuss thoughts that are all too common for us sometimes – “no one likes me” or “I’m a shit friend”. We travel back to caveman times to understand where these thoughts came from – ensuring we didn’t get kicked out of the clan was imperative to our survival. Life is vastly different now, so why do we still have these thoughts? And what can we do about it?


I’m a shit partner


This episode explores a bunch of different thoughts that can come up in relationships or as single people navigating a world that is constantly telling you how your life “should” be. We discuss how kindness and self-compassion can help us get through the shit.


“I’m a shit parent


I’m a shit parent, I would make a shit parent, I’m shit ‘cause I don’t want to be a parent or I can’t become a parent…? In this episode we talk about all the shit thinking that can come up when you’re parenting (or not parenting when it seems like everyone you know is). What can we do to be kind to ourselves?


I’m a shit worker


Ever had the thought that you’re shit at your job? Or thought you’re shit for working too much or not enough? We have these thoughts ALL the time. Sometimes they help us, but a lot of the time they can get in the way of us doing a good job. We talk about things that help us cope with shit thoughts, like focusing on our values and what’s most important to us.


I’m a shit sleeper


In this episode, we change tack slightly and explore the thought “I’m a shit sleeper”. From communal sleeping to clock watching, we discuss all things sleep related. How have our sleep patterns changed since we slept in caves? What can we learn from our ancestors that might help us sleep better now?


I look shit


How often do you look in the mirror and think "Wow, I look fantastic"? For us, this does not happenoften. In this episode, we tackle the topic of "I look shit". We discuss the biological basis of these thoughts and consider how advertising and social media perpetuates this type of thinking. We'll offer some ideas about how to cope with these thoughts so you can do more of what matters.


I’m shit at sex


In this episode, we lean into our discomfort and talk a whole lot about sex! How does our culture and society affect the way we think about sex? How can we get better at communicating about sex – or at sex itself? Join us in our awkwardness (whether you're good at sex or not) to find out more!

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