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Gorg the caveboy is comfortable living with his family in the Stone Age – well as comfortable as you can be when you have to watch out for Three-Toed Snarkles! 


His body and brain work really well to make sure he doesn't get kicked out of his clan and to keep him out of danger. He is even the best burper for miles around! But one day, catastrophe strikes and Gorg finds himself in the busy 21st century!


How is he going to cope in this new world?


Will being able to whittle a spear help him when faced with a sleepover?


By reading this book, you not only will find out the answers to these questions, but it will get you thinking about your own "caveman brain".


Gorg's adventures in the modern world might even give you some helpful hints about how to manage sad memories, the internet, and missing out on party invites.


There is also some stuff for the brains of parents!

Check out the links below on where to buy from good booksellers around the world!

"Sound Advice" 

The Adventures Of Gorg by Julia Sawyer is a powerful little book for the under tens to help them cope with their difficult feelings. Based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), this book teaches young people (and adults) therapeutic techniques through an engaging story.


ACT Wellington

"We keep this book in our waiting room because we’d like all struggling families to see it!”

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