Julia Sawyer - Registered Clinical Psychologist -
About Me
I was born and raised in the Wairarapa and moved to Wellington in 1992 to begin study at Victoria University of Wellington. I completed both a science degree in physiology and an arts degree in psychology before going on to do a Masters degree in Psychology.
I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology in 2002. This included six month placements at the Early Intervention Service (which treats first presentation psychosis), the Child, Adolescent & Family Service and Adult Mental Health Service.
After graduating, I was employed by the Hutt District Health Board in their adult mental health service but became interested in adolescent mental health soon after that. I joined the Hutt adolescent mental health team in 2003 and have worked with them for 11 years. I currently practise there three days per week treating young people (and their families) between the ages of 13-20. I am the senior clinical psychologist in the team and am called on to supervise other psychologists and to take on some of the more complex cases.
I began private practise in 2012, due to my need for family-friendly hours, and I see a wide range of ages and difficulties in this work. More specifically, I have worked with children and their families through to older adults with such issues as anxiety around going to school, specific fears, self-harm, sleep issues, perfectionism, stress, depression and anxiety. Alongside this, I also supervise two clinical psychologists, a registered psychologist and a psychiatric registrar (regarding CBT) across my two practises and am available to do further supervision in my private work.
On a personal note, I have been doing this work for a number of years and continue to enjoy it because of the contact I have with interesting, courageous people who wish to improve their lives. It is stimulating and an honour for me to hear their stories and to work together with them to figure out how best to help. Our many successes together are really rewarding.
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